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making your home safer and more comfortable

Adding a ramp to your current living environment offers freedom and flexibility for the family member in which stairs are an everyday obstacle.

Wheelchair ramps keep your home accessible at all times

Ramps keep your home accessible at all times, for those needing to use walkers, scooters or wheelchairs. A ramp also allows your at-home service providers such as nurses and physical therapists to bring their equipment in and out of your home safely and conveniently.


Ramps have many options when it comes to materials and installation

Ramps can be built in a garage, hidden from view, or incorporated into porches or sides of homes. Adaptable Home is committed to making your ramp look and feel like it was built with the home in mind. Wood, composite wood, metal, or cement are all options when it comes to incorporating a ramp to your specific home. Ramps can also be added to the interior of homes as well as custom options for all elevation changes. Threshold ramps offer solutions for even “one step down”. Adaptable Home will first consult with you, the homeowners and the caregivers, to see what the specific goals are that need to be obtained. At that point, we will submit ramp options that best fit the functionality of your home as well as be aesthetically appealing.  Adaptable Home is aware of local building codes so they will install the right size, slope, and length of the ramp.


Emergency Situations

Adaptable Home also understands that the need for a wheelchair ramp is sometimes unexpected and can come with a level of urgency and anxiety.  Adaptable Home is prepared to come alongside your family and help adapt your home to fit your current emergency situation. We will work alongside your team of advocates and caregivers to incorporate the right barrier-free home modifications to accommodate your new world.

What Others Say

Very knowledgeable and friendly


They were prompt and courteous when showing up for the initial estimates, Very knowledgeable and friendly. We decided to have all the work completed by them and could not have been more pleased. They were quick, maintained constant communication with me for any changes to the initial plan that needed to be made and were very competitively priced. I would highly recommend them for any home repairs, construction, or handyman work. Very courteous and a pleasure to work with.


-Stan and Kelly

Wyoming, MI

We appreciated the quality of products and work. The grab bars and the ramp were sturdy and exactly the solution we needed. Adaptable Homes work is always done well to completion.


Walker, MI

Ramp Solutions

We helped a family that was in need of an entrance ramp into the home from the garage. As their children grew they now needed the advantage a ramp would give them as they maneuvered their girls in and out of the home. Adaptable Home was able to come alongside the family to access both their current and long term needs and create a solution.

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