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Ramps, Lifts & More

Adaptable Home can remove the navigation nightmare and make easier living in your home a dream come true.

From ramp and lift installation to door widening and grab bars, we can help you choose accessibility solutions that make sense for your changing needs.

Modifications make 
life easier

Adaptable Home knows from experience how someone coming home after a catastrophic injury or even the aging process can turn your life upside down. We can help determine what is necessary to make things right-side up. We take away barriers and review for every need including: 

  • Ramps

  • Lifts (Stair, Vertical Platform, Ceiling, etc.)

  • Grab bars/Handrails

  • Door Widenings/Door Handles

  • Accessible Living Areas

  • Safety Gates

  • Lighting

  • Etc.

We don't leave any accessibility unaddressed, including the kitchen sink! Functionality includes safety with window egress and so much more!​

Lifts & Ramps

Lifts are appropriately named as they not only lift a person up physically, but emotionally as well. Without a lift, those with a disability, as well as their care takers, find the struggle is real. Whether a lift is needed in a home entryway, bedroom, bathroom, chairs or stairs, Adaptable Home excels at offering the right lifts to eliminate the unique challenges of any home and those living or working there. Lifts can be an alternative to ramps and elevators. 


Ramps, like lifts, keep the home accessible at all times for those needing to use walkers, scooters, or wheelchairs. Adaptable Home is committed to making ramps look and feel like they are built with the home in mind. Ramps can be in garages hidden from view, or incorporated into porches or sides of homes, including cement built permanent structures. We offer heated ramps to keep snow and ice away. This helps any user, including service providers such as nurses and physical therapists bring equipment in and out of the home safely and conveniently. Ramps can also be added to the interior of homes with elevation changes and thresholds, even for just “one step down”. Homeowner and caregiver input helps Adaptable Home choose the best fit and functionality for any home. Each decision is made while keeping the look aesthetically appealing with the ideally needed functionality. Rely on our expert team. We know the local building codes, so the installation will be done with the right size, slope and length of the ramp.

Lift In Use Garage.jpeg
Garage Ramp.jpeg
Garage Lift Alone.jpg
Covered Ramp to House.jpg
Threshold Ramp
Grab Bars, Shower, Handicap


Grab Bars

Grab bars provide additional support for everyone, with extra confidence and balance for all. Grab bars are often coupled with other barrier-free home modifications that we might recommend, for instance, a grab bar added to a shower is frequently used with a shower chair and handheld shower head.


Adaptable Home can accommodate many styles, from the traditional steel grab bar to a more aesthetically designed bar that blends into any home decor. For example, Delta Faucet, a vendor of Adaptable Home, offers a line of hidden-in-plain-sight Decorative ADA Grab Bars and Décor Assist™ towel bars, corner shelves and tissue paper holders, all supporting up to 300 pounds of weight. They come in a variety of finishes to coordinate with contemporary, transitional, and traditional design and are easy to install and remove. We're here for you!

Bathroom modern accessories_edited.jpg

Emergency Situations

The Adaptable Home team understands that the need for a lift, ramp or grab bar can be unexpected, leaving a homeowner with a level of urgency and anxiety. We are prepared to work alongside the family and caregivers to adapt a home to fit the current emergency situation. We offer the first temporary needs if necessary and then our team works with all the advocates involved to incorporate the right barrier-free home modification to accommodate the homeowner going forward into their new world. Let us bring a smile to your face!

Bruce on Bed Lift.jpg

Areas We Service

Kent County, Ottawa County, Muskegon County, Ionia County, Montcalm County, Newaygo County, Allegan County, Barry County, Eaton County, Oceana County, Mason County, Lake County, Osceola County, Mecosta County

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