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We help insurance companies and your clients by creating living environments that are safe, functional, sustainable, reasonable and medically necessary.


For Professionals

Adaptable Home is the best all-in-one solution for you and your clients.

 Why Adaptable Home?

All the expertise you need under one umbrella

What this means for you, our client, is that we come to you with a team that can bring you solutions from start to finish. Our services encompass every need for your client's home solutions. This team includes Home Modification Coordinators, Licensed Builders, Occupational Therapists, and Architectural Designers.

Consultants, Designer, Blueprint
Grab Bar, ADA Toilet, Bidet

Services available grouped or a la carte

Whether you need home evaluation, architectural design, a proposal, scope of work, a cost comparison analysis, a new build, home modifications, short-term barrier-free home rental, or DME such as lifts and ramps, we meet every aspect and provide the end user with a home that best meets their every need. 

Why is this complete team approach advantageous to you?

We are accomplished professionals with years of experience providing accessible home solutions for you and your clients. We also have the advantage of working together on many insurance industry specific projects. This allows us to work very efficiently and wisely, saving time and money while providing a home solution that meets the medically necessary needs of you and your client. With Adaptable Home, you win and your client wins! 

Barrier-Free Zero Step Rental Home
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The Adaptable Home Team

Architectural Designer

Our designer collaborates with occupational therapists, licensed builders, claimants, caseworkers/lawyers, and insurance representatives to create a plan that meets the claimant's needs and ensures a medically necessary design for the insurance carriers.

Occupational Therapist

If necessary, our OT can supply a detailed home evaluation report or review a current evaluation. In addition, the OT will coordinate with the Adaptable Home team to ensure the medically necessary needs of the claimant are included in the design plans.

Licensed Builder

The builder collaborates with the rest of the team to consult on cost, functionality, feasibility, and design. 

Home Modification Coordinator

The coordinator ensures the process moves forward harmoniously using an all - encompassing approach. The goal is consistency, simplicity, and a final design that meets the needs of all parties involved.

Project First Steps

Our streamlined process ensures we can completely meet the claimant's needs and provide accurate cost information and comparison.


On Site Visit

Following approval, we will visit the home with our architectural designer, occupational therapist, licensed builder, and home modification coordinator. This visit enables us to gather pertinent information for assessing the claimant's needs. If possible, we would like to meet with the caseworker, claimant, or representative at this time.


Architectural Drawings

These plans will include foundation & floor plans, elevations, building sections, and essential details and schedules to obtain a building permit.  Drawings are approved for repetitive use, showing details to be used where appropriate.

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Scope of work

A detailed scope of work will reflect the claimant's medically necessary and out-of-pocket costs and provide a template for all parties to use for an "apple to apple" cost comparison.


Detailed proposal

Our proposal includes the scope of work and cost breakdown.

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