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Home Modifications

Continue to live where you feel most comfortable

Barrier-free kitchens, accessible bathrooms, door widenings and more. Here are a few home modifications that can make your living space more functional and beautiful.

Interior Remodel, Home Modification

Interior Transformation

Life situations and circumstances can instantly change your living needs. Adaptable Home specializes in immediate or planned barrier-free home modifications that allow for independent living now and in the future.


Whether you want to plan for a future of aging in place or make immediate modifications for a family member dealing with illness or injury, our expert team can help you identify problem areas in the home and achieve the perfect solutions for both needs and budget. Rest assured that even the most challenging areas of the home can be modified to not only offer accessibility but also aesthetically fit beautifully with the home's current design.

Barrier-Free Kitchens

Modifying your existing kitchen to incorporate a barrier-free design transforms your kitchen into an enjoyable and functional living space for people of all physical capabilities. Here are just a few features that Adaptable Home can incorporate into your kitchen:

  • Custom cabinets designed to accommodate all family members and fit beautifully within your existing home

  • Pull-out (and down) shelves, cutting boards, and hardware on upper cabinet shelving

  • Open knee space under the kitchen sink

  • Pull-out faucet with levered design

  • Handicap-accessible island and pantry

  • Improved lighting to accommodate compromised eyesight

Barrier-Free Kitchen
Barrier-Free Shower, Wet Room

Accessible Baths

Accessible baths, also called roll-in, walk-in, or barrier-free showers, are safe and comfortable bathing options for all family members. Adaptable Home installs a truly zero-step entry shower, meaning the shower virtually has no hump, curb, or incline to enter. Converting your standard bath or shower with a barrier-free solution is just one way to make your home safer and more comfortable.

Zero Step 
Door Widening


Door Widening 

Adaptable Home can install new wider doors and frames to make it easier to maneuver a walker or wheelchair into any part of your Home.


Zero Step

When experiencing a disability, a zero-step entry is one of the top items on most people's "wish list" for their Home.

A zero-step entry is a home entrance with no steps and a minimal threshold. It means that there is a path from where a person would exit a car that uses gentle slopes instead of steps when the grade of the ground changes. This benefits people who struggle to walk, people who use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs,  parents pushing strollers or walking with young kids, and anyone bringing things into and out of the Home.

Door Widening
Wheelchair Ramp
Covered Wheelchair Ramp

Exterior Transformation

Adding a ramp to the exterior of your home does not mean you need to go without protection from the rain and snow! 

This exterior transformation removed the unsightly metal ramp, and now offers a permanent concrete ramp with a built in covering that extended the roof of the home to cover the ramp area.

No matter what your needs may be, we can help transform the entrance of your home to fit you!  

Areas We Service

Kent County, Ottawa County, Muskegon County, Ionia County, Montcalm County, Newaygo County

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