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Custom Homes

Barrier-free design built to fit your needs.

We build custom homes with barrier-free or universal design in mind from the start. Let us show you how.

Barrier-Free kitchen

Architectural Design

Also referred to as Universal Design, barrier-free homes are built to be easily navigated and used by as many people as possible, regardless of age or physical ability. At Adaptable Home, we start right from the beginning with the architectural design, incorporating safe accesses and offering mobility options with your specific disability or long-term plan in mind.


Whether you are building a wheelchair-accessible home or are planning ahead for aging in place and independent living, we can help you achieve the dream concept you envision for your new home.

Some Features of Universal Design

Our licensed builder, designer, and occupational therapist will work with you to truly customize the home for your exact needs. Here are some features we often include:

Barrier-Free Kitchens

Features like custom cabinets, pull-out (and down) shelves, open knee space under the sink, pull-out faucets with levered design, and improved lighting can ensure your kitchen accommodates all family members while looking beautiful and modern. We'll make sure everything from counters and islands to pantries are fully accessible and barrier-free.

Custom cabinets and down shelves
Barrier-free shower

Accessible Baths

Accessible baths, also called roll-in, walk-in, or barrier-free showers, are safe and comfortable bathing options for all family members. Adaptable Home installs the only truly zero-step entry shower, meaning the shower virtually has no hump, curb, or incline to enter.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are fully tiled walk-in shower rooms that feel like spacious, spa-like luxury bathrooms. All water collects into one central drain, so there is no need for a tub or shower enclosure. Wet rooms can be used as your main bathroom, as an extra bath, or as a master bath option. A wall-hung toilet and sink truly makes a wet room barrier-free and easy to clean.

Wet room
Wide doors
Door entry

Wide Doors

Adaptable Home offers several options for extra-wide doors that make it easy to maneuver a wheelchair or walker anywhere in the house.

  • Standard Swing Doors: We can use expandable door hinges to add up to 2 inches of clearance to most doors or install wider door frames to create a larger opening.

  • Pocket Doors: Pocket doors are clever sliding doors that disappear inside the wall when not in use, freeing up wall and floor space to make transitions from room to room barrier-free. They work well for dining rooms, master bathrooms, closets, kitchens, or anywhere an access door is needed. 

  • Wall Mounted Sliding Door/ Barn Door: A wall-mounted sliding door or barn-style door is used when it is structurally impossible to install a pocket door. A wall-mounted sliding door can be installed on a load-bearing wall without any structural considerations. Many contemporary new home constructions are using sliding doors in their décor, and Adaptable Home can offer many stylish design options.

Areas We Service

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