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View Adaptable Home’s past home modification projects and barrier-free custom builds.

Home Remodeling

Our Services

Our past work for families and individuals included a wide range of modifications, remodels, and additions. From small projects like widening a bathroom door or installing a wheelchair ramp, to full bathroom or kitchen transformations and room additions. We always collaborate to find the perfect solution for each client's needs. Even larger projects have included a custom-built, Barrier-Free, Parade of Homes showcase and our Barrier-Free Rental home.

Adaptable Home's 2015 Spring Parade

This Parade of Home's model showcases Universal Design principles and Aging-in-Place Independent Living Solutions. We demonstrate that a home can be safe, convenient, and barrier-free while still being beautifully crafted.

These Universal Design Home Features include:

  • Zero-Step Entry from Sidewalks, Front Entry and Room Thresholds

  • Potential Live-In Home Caregiver Living Quarters

  • Aging-in-Place Design

  • Ample Maneuvering Space, Functionality, and Good Economics

  • Zero-Step Entry Master Suite Shower

  • Open Kitchen/Dining/Living Room Layout

House Ramp
Easy-to-use space
Open bedroom
Zero-Step entry

Homeowner Story:
Barrier Free Bathroom

Project Type: Remodel


A family with two handicap girls asked us to modify their bathroom for accessibility. Before the Adaptable Home remodel, the area was divided into three different rooms and navigation of the small space with a wheelchair was almost impossible. The layout consisted of a two-room bathroom (separate toilet and tub/shower areas) and a laundry room.

Our clients were using an old whirlpool tub to bathe their girls, and lifting them into the tub chair was a daily struggle. The small divided rooms did not allow for wheelchair access, and the girls could not use the sink because the vanity cabinets blocked room for their wheelchair and legs. Overall it was a cramped and unsafe room that amplified the daily struggles for the girls.


After meeting the family and studying a home evaluation report done by Kent County Disability Advocates, we determined a bathroom remodel was needed.  We took down the walls separating the bathrooms tub/shower area and combined it with the adjacent laundry room to make one large “wet room”.  Maneuvering a wheelchair in and around the bathroom is no longer a problem!

The family asked for two vanities and two toilets so multiple people could use the room at once with help of a caregiver.

The old soaking tub was replaced with a curbless roll-in shower so the girls could wheel right up to the bathing area. In this project, we used “caregiver doors” to allow a family member or aid to assist in bathing while staying dry outside the shower area. Lifting and maneuvering in and out of the tub is no longer a safety hazard for the girls or their help. We added grab bars in both the shower and around the bathroom for additional support and safety. The remodel also included installing a few personal touches like a privacy curtain and ceiling mounted TV for entertainment while using their new bathroom.

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