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Design and Consultation

We can help with the most important step - getting started!

We are pleased to offer a consultation package. This Package provides you with the necessary information to get accurate competitive pricing and recommendations that can be used to assist contractors. Our team combines the services of a licensed builder, architectural designer, occupational therapist, and home modification coordinator for a holistic approach to each project. This approach ensures that only reasonable and medical necessities will be included-Your clients' Needs! It ensures all home mod proposals will be consistent- No apples and Oranges! Lastly, it ensures the job will be completed at the most competitive price-protects the payer!

Builder, Designer, Consultant

On-Site Visit

We get to know you and living space so we can best meet your needs.

The initial consultation is free! During this initial visit, our team gathers pertinent information for assessing the claimant's needs and determines which Package is best for the claimant and insurance. Once the Package is decided and approved, the Adaptable Home team will visit the home with our architectural design team and the caseworker, claimant, and insurance representative. 

Cost Comparison Analysis

We help you select the best solutions based on your needs and budget.

We put accurate cost information in your hands so you and your client can make the best decision. A win-win can be established by looking at the desires of the claimant and what will be covered by the payee. Our analysis will compare the cost of different home modification options, for example, remodeling an existing interior space vs. building on an addition. This analysis determines what is reasonable and medically necessary, what the insurer pays, and what is an out-of-pocket cost to the client.

Builder, Designer, Consultant
Blueprint, Design

Architectural Drawings

Drawings include floor plans, elevations, and other details.

Our team will collaborate with claimants, caseworkers, lawyers, and insurance representatives to ensure everything in the design is reasonable and medically necessary. These plans will include foundation & floor plans, elevations, and details that enable contractors to provide accurate proposals for the project.

Scope of Work & Detailed Proposal

We'll provide a detailed breakdown including medical necessities and out-of-pocket costs.

Our proposal includes the scope of work and a detailed cost breakdown. It will reflect an approved home evaluation and out-of-pocket costs, providing a template for all parties to use for an "apple to apple" cost comparison to establish a fair, reasonable, and competitive quote from the builder.

Builder, Designer, Consultant

Areas We Service

State of Michigan (Lower Peninsula)

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