Bruce Grifhorst


Bruce has been providing home solutions in the residential building field for over 18 years. He loves helping people find answers to their needs through a team effort. Bruce believes that offering independent living now and for the future should be an option attainable for all.

Ben Boland

General Managing / Operational Manager

Over 9 years of General Managing and Operational Manager experience in the home modification and building industry. Ben has a Bachelor of Business Administrative from GVSU and he is a licensed realtor.

Jim Vugteveen OT

Ocupational Therapist

Jim Vugteveen is an Occupational Therapist who received his Bachelor‘s degree from Calvin College and Master’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis. He has over 16 years of experience working with a diverse population of both adults and pediatrics in both the hospital and clinic settings. His expertise is to develop solutions that ensure that our clients home environments match their current and long-term function and needs.

Derek Anderson

Lead Builder

Derek has a Bachelors of Science degree in Residential Construction Management. Derek was involved in a serious rock climbing fall that landed him in Mary Free Bed for over a month. Derek’s injury journey gives him a personal understanding of the Adaptable Homes client.

Chris Good


Chris has extensive experience with clients in the construction industry having served as an electrical contractor for 10 years. His love for home renovation opened the door for his current passion – real estate! What started as a hobbyist interest to do investment properties and “flippers”, Chris has made a full transition into real estate. He will tell you that similar things are needed to perform electrical work on a house OR sell a house – both require great communication and great attention to detail! Chris loves the process! It’s the relationship that’s built and the celebration of the successful transition that keeps Chris motivated.

Chris has been married for 15 years and has 3 children. Two boys (12 and 11) that passionately love football and a little girl (9) that loves Qdoba! Chris & his wife live and go to church in Rockford, MI.

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