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Door Widening

making your home safer and more comfortable

Adaptable Home can install new wider doors and frames to make it easier to maneuver a walker or wheelchair into any part of your home.

Offset Expandable Door Hinges:

This is an easy and quick way to widen a door and gain additional clearance.

  • Adds up to two inches to most doorways

  • Works well for narrow bathroom doors

  • Able to use the same and existing screws and holes

  • No door removal needed


Replacing the Door

Adaptable Home can remove existing doors and frames. We will then enlarge the opening and install a wider door. This will significantly improve the accessibility of the home for those who need a wheelchair or walker.


Pocket Doors:

Pocket doors are clever sliding doors that disappear inside the wall when not in use, freeing up wall and floor space to make transitions from room to room barrier-free.

Pocket doors work well for dining rooms, master bathrooms, closets, kitchens, or anywhere an access door is needed.


Wall Mounted Sliding Door/ Barn Door:

A wall-mounted sliding door or barn-style door is used when it is structurally impossible to install a pocket door. A wall-mounted sliding door can be installed on a load-bearing wall without any structural considerations. Many contemporary new home constructions are using sliding doors in their décor. Adaptable Homes can offer many stylish design options. 

Adaptable Home can come into your existing home and create a solution to allow wheelchair or walker access to any room in the house. 

What Others Say

Personable, honest, quality


Personable, honest, quality work is how I would explain Adaptable Homes. I would buy one of their houses in a heartbeat.



Grandville, MI

Beautiful solutions


I love how Adaptable Homes used every little space to create cupboard and storage solutions. Bruce is a great listener, he listened to all our ideas and incorporated them into workable, beautiful solutions.


-Dennis and Nancy

Wyoming, MI

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