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Cost & Financial Assistance

Disabling Barriers, Enabling Freedom

Learn how to get home solutions that fit your budget and your needs.

Why Barrier-Free Home Modifications are a Smart Financial Decision


Even simple safety measures like Grab Bars, Tub Benches, Handheld Showers, Tub Modifications, Stair Rails, Lighting, and Non-Slip Treatments can make daily life easier while being cost-effective.


Assisted living facilities can cost $40,000 per year and up. Investing in Aging-in-Place home improvements makes financial sense, and allows you to stay in the home you love.


Access and mobility in your own home = Priceless

Home Modifications

How We Make Our Services Affordable

We know that everyone's needs look different, and we focus on getting you the home modifications you need, no more or less. That includes working with you to find solutions that fit your needs and your budget. We also work with your insurance to get medically necessary needs covered. When you talk with our team, we can refer you to potential other sources of financial assistance for out-of-pocket costs.

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