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Bathroom Transformations

making your home safer and more comfortable

Adaptable Home will come in and evaluate what needs to be transformed within your bathroom, so it can be a safe and usable space that better serves the user!

Bathroom Transformation


Emergencies happen and they can change you or your family members ability to live independently. Adaptable Home has the ability to renovate an existing bathroom and install a barrier-free shower and grab bars quickly and efficiently. This renovation process allows your bathroom to become safe and useful for all your family members.


  1. Our team arrives at your home and evaluates and assesses needs

  2. Removal of all old fixtures and bathtub

  3. Barrier-free shower installation begins

  4. Barrier-free shower walls are installed

  5. Additional accessories such as grab bars and a shower bench can be installed


Additional products can also be added to the renovation process. You might consider a wall hung sink, a tilted vanity mirror or a raised toilet. Adaptable Home has access to many products that can make your home safer and more enjoyable.

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