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Home Modifications

Continue to live where you feel most comfortable

Barrier-free kitchens, accessible bathrooms, wet rooms, and more. Here are a few home modifications that can make your living space more functional and beautiful.

Home Modifications

Immediate Modifications

Life situations and circumstances can instantly change your living needs. Adaptable Home specializes in immediate or planned barrier-free home modifications that allow for independent living now and in the future.


Whether you want to plan for a future of aging in place or make immediate modifications for a family member dealing with illness or injury, our expert team can help you identify problem areas in your home and achieve the perfect solutions for your needs and budget. Rest assured that even the most challenging areas of your home can be modified to not only offer accessibility but also aesthetically fit beautifully with the current design of your home.

Barrier-Free Kitchens

Modifying your existing kitchen to incorporate a barrier-free design transforms your kitchen into an enjoyable and functional living space for people of all physical capabilities. Here are just a few features that Adaptable Home can incorporate into your kitchen:

  • Custom cabinets designed to accommodate all family members and fit beautifully within your existing home

  • Pull-out (and down) shelves, cutting boards, and hardware on upper cabinet shelving

  • Open knee space under the kitchen sink

  • Pull-out faucet with levered design

  • Handicap-accessible island and pantry

  • Improved lighting to accommodate compromised eyesight

Barrier-Free Kitchen
Accessible baths

Accessible Baths

Accessible baths, also called roll-in, walk-in, or barrier-free showers, are safe and comfortable bathing options for all family members. Adaptable Home installs a truly zero-step entry shower, meaning the shower virtually has no hump, curb, or incline to enter. Converting your standard bath or shower with a barrier-free solution is just one way to make your home safer and more comfortable.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are fully tiled walk-in shower rooms where all water collects into one central drain. There is no need for a separate tub or shower enclosure, which creates a very expansive spa-like bathroom experience. Wet rooms can be used as your main bathroom, as an extra bath, or as a master bath option.


Advantages of a Wet Room:

  • Wet rooms are luxurious and work very well for creating a contemporary look.

  • A wet room can increase the value of your home when used as a second bathroom.

  • Wet rooms create a spacious, spa-like atmosphere, even in small bathrooms.

  • Wet rooms are easy to clean and create extra space for caregivers, especially if they incorporate a wall-hung sink and toilet.

Wet rooms
Bathroom transformation
Shower grab bars

Bathroom Transformation

Emergencies happen, and they can change you or your family members' ability to live independently. Adaptable Home has the ability to renovate an existing bathroom and install a barrier-free shower and grab bars quickly and efficiently. This renovation process allows your bathroom to become safe and useful for all your family members.

The Transformation Process:

  1. Our team arrives at your home to evaluate and assess your needs

  2. The team removes all old fixtures and bathtub

  3. Barrier-free shower installation begins

  4. Barrier-free shower walls are installed

  5. Additional accessories such as grab bars and a shower bench can be installed


Additional products can also be added to the renovation process. You might consider a wall hung sink, a tilted vanity mirror or a raised toilet. Adaptable Home can help you choose products that can make your home safer and more enjoyable.

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