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Additions and Remodels

making your home safer and more comfortable

Adaptable Home can re-make your current living space into a barrier-free accessible home, which makes living easier for anyone with current or future needs.

Renovating your existing home can bring new life and can greatly add to your standard of living while adding value to your home


Home additions or remodeling can be a great way to add more room to your home, create a barrier-free living space, and increase your home’s value and future return on your investment.  If you love your existing home and neighborhood but need modifications for a disability or future barrier-free living, you should consider an addition or remodel.

Kitchen or bedroom additions are two of the most popular kinds of room additions, however, there are also other choices such as a barrier-free master suite and bath, wet rooms, luxury bathrooms, and universal design family rooms.


Adaptable Home realizes that renovations often need to take place in and amongst family life and makes every possible concession to make sure each renovation project work around your families schedule and needs. Adaptable Homes will sit down with you, evaluate your needs and goals, and then present solutions to address your specific issues. Adaptable Home has over 20 years of experience adapting homes to fit families specific needs. They look forward to helping you live independently in your home for years to come.

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