Wet Rooms

making your home safer and more comfortable

Adaptable Home provides Wet Room installations for independent living. Wet rooms are a fully tiled walk in shower room providing luxury-bathing solutions.

Wet rooms allow a no curb, barrier free showering experience

Adaptable Home is able to take an existing bathroom and convert it into a luxury Bathroom. Wet rooms allow a no curb, barrier free showering experience. Wet rooms are fully tiled walk in shower rooms. All water collects into one central drain. There is no need for a tub or shower enclosure, this creates a very expanse spa-like bathroom experience. Wet rooms can be used as your main bathroom or as an extra or Master Bath option. One thing to consider when planning a wet room is a wall-hung toilet and sink. This would truly make your bathroom barrier free and would also give potential caregivers extended room.

Adaptable Home can discuss with you many design options and choices that fit perfectly with your existing home.

Advantages of a Wet Room

  • A wet room is very luxurious and works very well for creating a contemporary look
  • A wet room can increase the value of your home, when used as a second bathroom
  • If you have a small bathroom a wet room creates a spacious spa like atmosphere
  • Wet rooms are easy to clean especially if you incorporate a wall-hung sink and toilet