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How Do I Get Started?

Adaptable Home works together with families, advocates and caregivers to insure that every aspect of the home allows independent living now and in the future. Adaptable Home’s team member will sit down with each family and discuss problem areas and create solutions that work for your specific family. Following is a list of things to get you started thinking about how to incorporate barrier free living into your home:

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  • List Problem Areas In Your Home

    Make a list of areas within your home that cause a problem for you or your family member to live independently now or in the future.

  • List Caregivers Needs

    Make a list of things that would improve the ability for caregivers to provide care.

  • Evaluate your home from the perspective of your loved one

    Evaluate your home from the perspective of your loved one: are they a child? Do they use a wheel chair or walker?

  • Evaluate Home Entry Points

    Look at all entry points of your home both inside and outside the home, such as doorways, walkways, steps and driveways.

  • Evaluate/Monitor Your Loved One as They Go Throughout Their Day

    If you are an advocate for a family member, but do not live in the house, plan a visit so you can monitor your loved one as they go throughout their day. This will give you first hand experience on where the problem areas are in order to create solutions for a safe and comfortable living environment.

  • Prioritize Your Critical Needs First

    After you have made your list, prioritize your most critical needs first. This will help an Adaptable Home team member organize a strategy the best fits your needs and budget.