Empowering Families Dealing with Disabilities

Just over 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they retire, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration Fact Sheet on February 7, 2013. Disabilities restrict in varying degrees, including broken bones, arthritis, cancer, cerebral palsy, stiffness, and other conditions that contribute to an activity limitation.   Many of these disabilities cause mobility limitations that require a wheel chair, crutches or walker and in many cases cause difficulty navigating a conventional home floor plan.

Adaptable Home is committed to helping your family create a living environment that encourages mobility, safety and a place everyone can call home.  Adaptable Home is a Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS). “CAPS professionals have been taught the strategies and techniques for designing and building aesthetically pleasing, barrier-free living environments. The CAPS program goes beyond design to address the codes and standards, common remodeling projects and their costs, product ideas and resources needed to provide comprehensive and practical aging-in-place solutions.”  (AARP, 2007)

The following video, was produced by the Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids and does an exceptional job showcasing how custom homes can fit the needs of all family members.

Bruce Grifhorst and his team would love to sit down with you and your family and discuss the specific needs your family has. Bruce and his team start right from the beginning of the process with the architectural design. They are committed to incorporating safe accesses and offering mobility options with your specific disability or long term plan in mind. Whether you are building a wheelchair accessible home or are planning ahead for aging in place and independent living, Adaptable Home can help you achieve the dream concept you envision for your new home.

Adaptable Home is showcasing a Universal Design Home for the Spring 2015 Parade of Homes.

In just FIVE weeks Adaptable Home is showcasing a Universal Design Home for the Spring 2015 Parade of Homes.

Are you searching for an Independent Living solution that will allow you to age in your own home as you look towards the next chapter of your life? Maybe you have never thought staying in your own home was a tangible option.

There are many positive benefits when you look at Aging-in-Place:

• INDEPENDENCE: Aging-In-Place  let’s you continue to live under your own rules. It allows you to continue to do the things you have always done and loved doing.
• FAMILIARITY: It allows you to stay in a community you are familiar with. Allowing you to maintain your relationship with your church, community stores and restaurants.
• WELL-BEING: Staying in your own home encourages physical and mental well-being. There is just a comfort that comes from being in your own home.
• FREEDOM: Aging-In-Place offers financial freedom. At todays cost of assisted-living centers and nursing homes, staying in ones home is a smart financial choice.

Our 2015 Spring Parade Home offers the perfect solution. This Universal Design Home offers an Aging-in-Place Independent Living Solution that insures you an increase in the safety and convenience of your living environment all within a beautifully crafted home.  We at Adaptable Home are experts at implementing flexibility, functionality and good economics, without compromising design or room ascetics. With a commitment to quality, craftsmanship and an understanding of barrier free environments, we can help you or your loved ones maintain independence in your home with safety and confidence.

Please come and visit us during this years Parade of Homes. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you on how Adaptable Home can offer you Universal Design Solutions that meet your current needs today and in the future.

When you visit our 2015 Spring Parade Universal Designed Home look for these features:
• Zero Step front porch and entry door
• Zero Step garage entry
• Oversized garage – larger square footage for storage, wheel chair use, van parking
• Easy upkeep-simple design, easy to maintain
• All doorways 36” minimum
• No hallways
• Open spaces for maneuverability (5ft turning radius in each room)
• Lever style door handles (easier to operate)
Master Bathroom:
• Dual vanities: Roll under design with angled mirrors
• ADA comfort height toilet
• XL curb less (no lip) walk in shower
• Main floor and basement laundry hookups
• 2nd main floor bedroom can be used for kids, guests, office or in home care giver
• Daylight basement can be customized for future use (more bedrooms or more living space)

Margaret Freund, Senior Consultant

Adaptable Home is excited to be working with Margaret Freund, a Senior Advisor in the West Michigan area. Margaret is passionate about encouraging and assisting people grow old with grace, purpose and integrity while leaving a legacy. Margaret with her certifications and experience answer’s questions like:

“We want to remain at home as we age. Can you help us create a plan to make that happen.”

“I don’t want to be a burden on my family. Can you help me know my options so I can make the right decisions?”

My mom lives far away from me, but I am concerned about her safety. Will you see what she needs and find the solutions?”

If you or a family member are standing at a crossroad trying to navigate “the System” or just looking ahead wondering what the “next step” is, we at Adaptable Home would be privileged to be a member of your team. Adaptable Home has numerous resources and solutions we can suggest for your specific need and we would be honored to help you navigate this challenging yet blessed time of life.