Margaret Freund, Senior Consultant

Adaptable Home is excited to be working with Margaret Freund, a Senior Advisor in the West Michigan area. Margaret is passionate about encouraging and assisting people grow old with grace, purpose and integrity while leaving a legacy. Margaret with her certifications and experience answer’s questions like:

“We want to remain at home as we age. Can you help us create a plan to make that happen.”

“I don’t want to be a burden on my family. Can you help me know my options so I can make the right decisions?”

My mom lives far away from me, but I am concerned about her safety. Will you see what she needs and find the solutions?”

If you or a family member are standing at a crossroad trying to navigate “the System” or just looking ahead wondering what the “next step” is, we at Adaptable Home would be privileged to be a member of your team. Adaptable Home has numerous resources and solutions we can suggest for your specific need and we would be honored to help you navigate this challenging yet blessed time of life.